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Concert Update Spring 2016

Aktualisiert: 7. Jan. 2020

Three events are coming up in the next few weeks : On April 23, the SWISSRAGTIMERS will be playing at the Restaurant Feldhof in Pfaffhausen and perform along the silent movies "The Rink " by Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy's " Angora Love " . There will also be a matching menu from the restaurant Feldhof.

On May 20, the SWISSRAGTIMERS play at the La Marotte in Affoltern am Albis . Again, the audience will be able to enjoy the known silent films and a lot of original Ragtime . Beginning of the concert is 8pm. Reservations can be made here. The last public concert in spring takes place on May 28 at the Falcone in Zurich. Beginning there is 9pm. For this event there will be a ticket presale. More info will follow soon.

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